Titans Decline to Participate on 2011 IBL Season

October 16, 2019

The Vancouver International Basketball Group Corp., owners of the BC Titans, has decided to not participate in the 2011 IBL season. The decision was made following evaluation of the first two years of operations from both the local team perspective and as part of the overall IBL organization. President, Jonathan Mara, stated “it saddens me to have to make a tough decision such as this one but thought it necessary to do so well in advance of the 2011 season so as to not create unnecessary inconveniences for local fans, sponsors and players as well as the IBL organization and other IBL teams. We are satisfied with what our involvement was in the IBL for these two years and proud to go out on a winning percentage year. We thank all of our supporters and look forward to continuing to support basketball in the province of BC in the future.”